Formula SimRacing - The Official RFactor2 Open Wheel Championship
2021 Season
Round 1 | March 7th San Marino
Round 2 | March 21th Portugal
Round 3 | April 4th Germany
Round 4 | April 11th Netherlands
Round 5 | April 25th Great Britain
Round 6 | May 16th United States
Round 7 | May 30th Azure
Round 8 | June 20th France
Round 9 | July 11th Belgium
Round 10 | July 25th Japan
Round 11 | August 8th Malaysia
Round 12 | August 22th Brazil

Registration Instructions

Do you want to go racing in Formula SimRacing 2018! You can now register yourself as driver or register your team. Read the instructions below to know how to acquire the license for the league you want to compete in.

You can pick between three categories of racing: Pro, Ace and the World Championship. Please check the links at the very bottom to learn more about the different series. The rules for each series are available via our forums or the GPCOS website.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask at our Forum, via email or our discord server.


Pricing (as of February 25 2018):

World Championship

Team: Season: N/A

Driver: Season: 50€

Driver: 3-Race License: 15€



Driver: Season: 20€

Team: Season: Free



Driver: Season: 20€

Team: Season: Free


Upgrade from PRO to WC

Driver: Season: 45€


Upgrade from ACE to WC

Driver: Season: 40€



Registration Instructions:



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