Formula SimRacing - The Official RFactor2 Open Wheel Championship
---- 2024 Season ----
Round 1 | March 3rd Bahrain
Round 2 | March 17th Australia
Round 3 | March 31st Public Vote
Round 4 | April 14th Singapore
Round 5 | April 28th Britain
Round 6 | May 12th San Marino
Round 7 | June 2nd Turkey
Round 8 | June 16th Belgium
Round 9 | July 14th United States
Round 10 | August 4th Japan


Formula SimRacing is fully owned and organised by the International SimRacing Club. 

The "International SimRacing Club" (ISR Club) is a club governed by the laws of Switzerland (Vereinsrecht), which was founded for the promotion of  professional International SimRacing on the internet back in 1999. 

The International SimRacing Club organises three major virtual Formula championships each year, the FSR World Championship, FSR PRO Championship, and FSR Academy Championship, mirroring the highest class of Formula-Sports.

The league is currently being run under the PC Simulation "rFactor 2" by Studio 397 and Image Space Inc. (ISI). 

The International SimRacing Club is a non-profit organization as per its statutes. The assets of the FSR league (such as the Mod) are publicly available for totally no cost.

All incomes are exclusively used for conducting the championship technically and for driver and team rewards.

All Administrators and ISR Club Members are honorary workers for totally no wage.


The Formula SimRacing World Championship

The World Championship (WC) stands alone as the premiere formula open wheel sim racing series, this is where the best in the world compete. The International SimRacing Club has sold licences to WC teams which enable their buyers to compete with one team and two drivers in the FSR World Championship category. These licences, barring restructure of FSR, are valid for the lifetime of the International SimRacing Club and Formula SimRacing and can be freely traded by the owners. Remaining of the 15 WC licences are available on a per-season loan basis and all submissions for the license are catered for annually.

Additionally, teams and drivers can look forward to a prize pool split between the teams for their drivers' results.

FSR WC has seen such great drivers as Roy Kolbe, Bruno Marques, Joshua Lyon, Greger Huttu, Dom Duhan, Ernesto de Angelis, David Greco, Artur Mlodzinski, Richard Towler, Dennis Hirrle, Christian Neumann, Dominik Binz and many more. The league has also been welcoming real-life drivers such as AJ Allmendinger (NASCAR), Parker Kligerman (NASCAR), Marco Zipoli (IndyLights), David Martinez (former ChampCar and A1GP) and a few more. The team owners holding a licence for the Formula SimRacing World Championship are hiring, at their discretion, the best sim racers from around the globe. Getting a contract from a licenced team is the only way for drivers to be one of the competitors. 

We want the licenced team owners to feel the challenge of managing their own virtual Formula SimRacing team and we offer to the best simracing drivers of the world, a World Championship which is comparable to the real thing.

The series is broadcast live on YouTube.


The Formula SimRacing Lower Tiers

The FSR lower tier categories can be seen as the feeder series for the World Championship. The PRO and Academy categories consist of over 30 racers within their respective category, including a promotion and relegation system ensuring best and equal competition in every race. Both series are broadcast live! Sign-ups are open all throughout the season.

Formula SimRacing is using its own highend gameservers and offers maximum race control and fairness by experienced supervising Race Directors.


The International SimRacing Club

Formula SimRacing World Championship Team Owners and Administrators of Formula SimRacing are automatically members of the International SimRacing Club. Membership is free. The members have democratic rights with regard to the targets, activities and financials of the Club. The entire income from the sale of the licences is owned by the Club and is exclusively used to cover the Clubs costs for running Formula SimRacing technically (expenses for servers, website, etc).

Given the current configuration of the sim-world and its numerous communities, we are convinced that simracing has a future with various categories of virtual motorsport. Our mission is to provide the professional simracers a steady and very serious platform for the sport. 

Our core business is to provide the best formula simracing league to the public. The ISR Club wants to use media promotion and support to grow and to attract a large audience using the globalization opportunities the internet brings us. The league is always trying to improve in all kinds of ways to ensure a high quality championship and a long existance of the league. 

Formula SimRacing endeavours to pay prize money to the FSR World Championship Team Owners in accordance with the statutes of the International SimRacing Club and in agreement with our sponsors.