Formula SimRacing - The Official RFactor2 Open Wheel Championship
---- 2024 Season ----
Round 1 | March 3rd Bahrain
Round 2 | March 17th Australia
Round 3 | March 31st Public Vote
Round 4 | April 14th Singapore
Round 5 | April 28th Britain
Round 6 | May 12th San Marino
Round 7 | June 2nd Turkey
Round 8 | June 16th Belgium
Round 9 | July 14th United States
Round 10 | August 4th Japan

The International SimRacing Club organizes the Formula-SimRacing World Championship and its feeder divisions.

The ISR Club is made up of Team Owners of the Formula-SimRacing World Championship.


The ISR Club Board

The governing body of the ISR Club is the ISR Club Board which consists of:

ISR Club President

ISR Club Vice President's


Team Owner's Association (TOA) Chair

TOA Vice Chair

Division Race Directors (WC, PRO, ACA)

Press Director

Multimedia Director

Technical Director

Marketing Director


The ISR Club

The following teams are Lifetime Members of the ISR Club:


Burst Esports

MH10 SimRacing

RAW SimRacing


NetRex Grand Prix

EDGE Esports

Oldenmenger Racing