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2019 Season
Round 1 | March 24th Australia
Round 2 | April 7th China
Round 3 | May 5th Azerbaijan
Round 4 | May 19th Canada
Round 5 | June 2nd France
Round 6 | June 16th Great Britain
Round 7 | July 7th Germany
Round 8 | July 21st Hungary
Round 9 | August 25th Belgium
Round 10 | September 15th Italy
Round 11 | October 6th Singapore
Round 12 | October 20th Japan
Round 13 | November 10th USA
Round 14 | November 24th Brazil


Kuba took his 4th win of the 2016 Winter Series to seal the championship ahead of Jernej Simoncic.


Race start at Homestead



The Polish driver was able to secure his 3rd pole position in as many races, with his main championship rival Jernej Simoncic alongside him on the front row. Adam Maguire continued to show FSR his potential by qualifying in 3rd place with James Sadler 4th. Outside championship contender Michi Hoyer was 5th and Eugene Van Loggerenberg rounded out the top 6. 

At the start Kuba and Jernej pulled away as expected at the start, James sadler found himself in a tangle and dropped to last place, in the 1st stint of the race Kuba was able to keepa consistent 1 second gap to Jernej behind him, with Adam Maguire keeping tabs not too far behind in 3rd.



After the 1st round of stops Michi Hoyer leapfrogged Adam into P3, and found himself catching Jernej Simoncic who lost a lot of ground to Kuba, however he was unable to take advantage of it and Jernej soon pulled away again. 


By this time James Sadler had fought his way past Adam Maguire for 4th place, Adam was struggling in the second stint, and spun off numerous times, but James was unable to make ground on the top 3, and they were to cross the line in the same order as they were to finish in the championship, with Kuba taking his 4th win of the Winter Series, a truly dominant display throughout the competition and a thoroughly deserved championship for the Polish man. Simoncic finished a further 10 seconds down the road in P2, but was 19 seconds ahead of Michi Hoyer who came home in P3, James Sadler and Adam Maguire were the other 2 drivers who finished on the lead lap in P4 and P5.



Race Classification:


1) Kuba Brzezinski 47m49.458


2) Jernej Simoncic +10.758


3) Michi Hoyer +28.909


4) James Sadler +38.944


5) Adam Maguire +1:00.860


6) Eugene van Loggerenburg +1 LAP


7) Felix van Delft +1 LAP


8) Fabian Rueth +1 LAP


9) Theodoros Eziroglou +2 LAPS


10) Lorenzo De Ciutiis DNF


2016 Formula SimRacing Winter Series - Final Championship Standings 


1) Kuba Brzezinski 133pts


2) Jernej Simoncic 119pts


3) Michi Hoyer 107pts


4) Eugene van Loggerenberg 68pts


5) Theodoros Eziroglou 64pts


6) James Sadler 53pts


6) David Cook 53pts 


8) Lukas Schmidt 52pts


9) Ronaldrads 51pts


10) Fabian Ruth 49pts


We caught up with Michi Hoyer, Jernej Simoncic and the FSR Winter Series Champion for 2016 Kuba 


Jernej Simoncic

Q: Jernej could you share with us your thoughts on the race today and the championship?

A: “For me it was really enjoyable event till the pit stops obviously. Quali was really intense and Kuba did it again in the last second, gaining ridiculous time in sector 3. In the race we were on totally same 

pace and I was planning to attack him at pitstops and start of 2nd stint, and then it happened, Kris said we have to entry pits on the front straight, which I'd never done before. I slowed a lot and tried to find pit entry, but it was too late and I had to get back on power and pit next lap. The wheel to wheel moments into turn 1 with Michi were really fun and intense, but in the end it was lonely last stint and a little bit of a disappointing end to the winter series. But pace is there and I'm optimistic about the upcoming season.”



Michi Hoyer

Q: 3rd in the race and 3rd in the championship. Did today feel like a fair result?

A: “Considering my performance on racetrack tonight this is a bit more than just fair. In my opionion Ι could have deserved a DNF aswell. I especially want to say sorry to Jerney Simoncic who I touched in 

Lap 29 where I touched him and spun. P3 seen above the entire season is a fair result i think. Fighting back in Mid Ohio and struggeling at Road America, with P2 in Charlotte being taken away by a red flag and otherwise strong performances are a fair result in the end.”

Q: You seem to be gaining a reputation as a mr consistent and not giving up. How do you feel about that?

A: “I think racing a series with 1,5h racetime in sprint races requires exactly that. I am always aiming to have a car that enables me to get consistent laptimes and consistent driving throughout every centimeter tarmac around the track. Getting seen as "Mr. Consistent" as you call it makes me happy and shows that i developped a good perfromance and a good race character. However  I still need to minimize the number of mistakes. But as long as the rearwing isn't gone and the suspension not way to broken I always try to finish a race... There is no race I am racing without aiming the chequered flag.”



Kuba Brzezinski

Q: Congratulations kuba on winning the winter series how does it feel?

A: “Thanks, it's always nice to win in FSR, doesnt matter what series. You never know if and when your next win is going to come here so you learn to enjoy it.”

Q: It seemed very straightforward for you out there today did it feel like that in the race too?

A: “Qualifying was very close with Jernej and Adam, I was still fine-tuning my setup half way through the session and seems like I managed to find something decent at the end. After that it was just the question of not making mistakes and trying to manage the tyres. I had to watch the gap to Jernej because he was very close but it seemed like I had a better car so I was able to do that and watch after my tyres. Then I just had to bring the car home.”

Q: Do you feel that you can carry on this form into the championship when it begins next month?

A: “Depends what you mean by form. Winning races? Most likely not. I don't really feel like I was doing anything great in winter series. I managed to make a good base setup with my teammates' help and Jernej got involved in some accidents so I didn’t even have to do a very good job, decent driving was enough.”



You can watch the full race again over on YouTube 

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