Formula SimRacing - Organized by the International SimRacing Club
2018 Season
Round 1 | March 25 Australia
Round 2 | April 8 Bahrain
Round 3 | April 22 France
Round 4 | May 6 Canada
Round 5 | May 20 Great Brittain
Round 6 | June 3 Germany
Round 7 | June 17 Belgium
Round 8 | July 15 Italy
Round 9 | August 19 Singapore
Round 10 | September 09 Japan
Round 11 | September 23 USA
Round 12 | October 7 Brazil

7th round of previews for teams in Formula SimRacing's Top Division. This time we preview VBMadCape!

As we near the end of the 10 in 10 series, we review VBMadCape. A team which has been lingering around the top division of Formula SimRacing for quite some time now and has finally decided to take the bold step to setup multiple sister teams in other divisions and run another World Championship team under the guise of Stormcharge Vod:Bul Racing. The drivers must be gleaming at the prospect of this as it will create a stronger base for VBMadCape to build upon and for their drivers to challenge for higher positions. Moving onto the identities of the drivers, VBMadCape have decided to keep the solid line-up they had last season sporting veteran Jim Parisis alongside fellow countryman George Manousakis.

Jim has been here for a long time and interestingly enough, has only ever raced in the World Championship for the main season. With this in mind, he should definitely know what to expect this season when it comes to the experience and talent of other drivers on the grid and that he cannot afford to underestimate opponents given this is the strongest him and VBMadCape have looked in years.


George on the other hand, may have been quite disappointed in his performances last season, only managing to score 6 points over the course of the season. Albeit there were a few absences involved and lack of practice but he will surely be hoping to mix it up in the midfield this year and put last season firmly behind him.


Jim Parisis




BEST WC POSITION: 5th (2016)

OTHER FSR ACHIEVEMENTS: 1st in Winter Series (2014)


George Manousakis




BEST WC POSITION: 23rd (2016)



We managed to catch up with both drivers earlier.


What are your goals for the upcoming season?

Jim: “My goal for the season is to have a productive one, working with my teammates.”

George: “Bring more points to my team and finish in the top 10 in the standings.”


Who do you think will be your biggest rival this season?

Jim: “Biggest ‘rival’ for the season is my teammate. About real rivals now, the usual names we all know but I expect a few surprises as well.”

George: “My bad luck from last year, if it followed me…”


How strong do you think the grid looks this year?

Jim: “The grid in FSR is always strong, I underestimate no one.”

George: “The grid looks very very strong like every year. I would not want to race if it was not!”


Join us tomorrow where we will preview GhostSpeed Engineering.