Formula SimRacing - Organized by the International SimRacing Club
2019 Season
Round 1 | March 24th Australia
Round 2 | April 7th China
Round 3 | May 5th Azerbaijan
Round 4 | May 19th Canada
Round 5 | June 2nd France
Round 6 | June 16th Great Britain
Round 7 | July 7th Germany
Round 8 | July 21st Hungary
Round 9 | August 25th Belgium
Round 10 | September 15th Italy
Round 11 | October 6th Singapore
Round 12 | October 20th Japan
Round 13 | November 10th USA
Round 14 | November 24th Brazil

Today marks the halfway point in the 10 in 10 series and with only 6 days to go until lights out, we preview Musto Racing Team! Last year was a very lacklustre year for Musto Racing as their drivers were mostly used as reserves for the main team, Twister Racing. This year though, Musto are arguably sporting the most competitive driver line up on the grid, maybe even stronger than the main team, with multiple race winner and veteran Muhammed Patel lining up alongside a man who shares almost the exact same credentials, Daniel Kiss.


What can we say about Muhammed Patel? He has a proven track record of over 8 years in Formula SimRacing with most of them fighting for the top spots in all divisions, especially World Championship. He looked very strong last year but was let down by multiple absences throughout the season which dropped him to 4th in the Driver Standings. For the races he does attend, you will definitely see Patel lingering around the top of the field.


Moving onto Daniel Kiss. Another multiple race winner with 2 years of Formula SimRacing World Championship experience under his belt. He looked very strong last year for Twister Racing after finishing 3rd in the Driver Standings, just behind Jernej Simoncic but closely missing out on the fabled Constructors Championship they were aiming for. This year, Kiss will definitely be back for a vengeance. 

Muhammed Patel




BEST WC POSITION: 2nd (2015)



Daniel Kiss




BEST WC POSITION: 3rd (2016)



We manged to catch up with both drivers on their thoughts about the season ahead.


What are your goals for the upcoming season?

Muhammed: “To focus on ourselves. We have struggled in pre-season with finding the balance of the car, and therefore the priority must be fixing this, to be in a good shape for the first few races of the season. The season is very long, and hopefully nearer to the final few races, Dani and I can look at the standings and still be in the fight for something special by the end.”

Daniel: “As it’s my last season in FSR, I just want to enjoy it as much as I can. It would be nice to be in the title hunt with my friend - Mo - for one last time, but let’s wait and see how the first races go and where we end up because we’re using a completely different car than the years before, so there might be surprises and fresh faces at the front.”


Who do you think will be your biggest rival this season?

Muhammed: “It’s hard to point the finger at one individual and team right now, after some races we will know better for sure. Dani and Michele will always be quick. Eros has impressed me in the short time he has been with us too. Stefanko had a strong end to last season, and I always expect Jim, especially with the bigger team he has behind him this year – and Simoncic to be in the hunt.”

Daniel: “It’s really hard to tell, most likely the car and its setup. Now on a serious note, Jernej and Martin did really well at the end of the previous season, I would be surprised if they weren’t up there at the front. Jim is always a guy to look out for as well.”


How strong do you thing the grid looks this year?

Muhammed: “I’m not sure, it’s a new style of car that we are driving, refuelling is back and we are pushing more, so the direction is totally different. Quite a lot of guys had a lot of bad luck last year, so some guys who struggled in qualifying last year with an unpredictable car will be back, I’m sure. On top of that, we have some new faces, so I’m sure that we will have some surprises.”

Daniel: “By only looking at the names -no offense to newcomers- it’s probably not as strong as it was in the last years, but hopefully the new faces will bring nice competition. I don’t want to rule them out without even racing with them.”



 Join us tomorrow where we will review the Stormcharge Vod:Bul Racing.