Formula SimRacing - Organized by the International SimRacing Club
2017 Season
Round 1 | March 5 Australia
Round 2 | March 19 Bahrain
Round 3 | April 2 Spain
Round 4 | April 9 Turkey
Round 5 | April 23 Canada
Round 6 | May 7 Austria
Round 7 | May 21 Great Britain
Round 8 | June 4 Germany
Round 9 | June 18 France
Round 10 | August 20 Belgium
Round 11 | September 10 Hungary
Round 12 | September 24 Italy
Round 13 | October 8 Singapore
Round 14 | October 15 Japan
Round 15 | November 5 United States
Round 16 | November 19 Brazil

Jordy Lopez on NetRex Grand Prix was the winner of Formula SimRacing Pro Division Silverstone GP. The american driver was followed on the podium by Eneric Andre (Drillers Motorsport) and Michael Eyres (Flag-to-Flag), who saw his win in previous round (Australia) taken away due to a post race penalty.

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Second win of the season for Michael Eyres in FSR Australian GP PRO division. Starting from the 2nd spot on the grid, the british Flag-to-Flag Orange driver was able to cross the line in first position ahead of Lukaszek (GhostSpeed Racing) and Haaris Parvez (Flag-to-Flag NetRex).

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Second win in a row for Haaris Parvez (Flag-to-Flag), after the one obtained Turkish GP two weeks ago, he managed to repeat himself in FSR PRO Canadian GP. Behind him Jordy Lopez (NetRex Grand Prix) in second and Wojciech Lukaszek (GhostSpeed Racing) in third. With Parvez's win, Flag-to-Flag won both races held in the week-end so far, after yesterday win by van Delft in ACE division.


Haaris Parvez obtained in first win in Formula Simracing at the FSR PRO Division Turkish GP. The Flag-To-Flag british driver climbed on highest spot of podium, followed by Lukaszek (GhostSpeed Racing) in second and Michael Eyres (Flag-To-Flag Orange) in third position.

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The summer break has arrived and the PRO drivers are getting ready for the second half of the season. With eight rounds left on the calendar a lot can still happen in the championship.

But first let’s recap what happened in the first eight races of the Formula-Simracing PRO division.

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The 2016 Formula Simracing Pro season started in Melbourne with twenty four drivers on the track giving their best to take home the win.

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GhostSpeed Racing’s James Sadler grabbed his long awaited first career win in Formula Sim Racing’s PRO series, edging Avid Chronic Racing’s Georg Winter in the closing stages of the race. The German’s extra pit stop almost paid dividends, but it was too little too late as Sadler claimed the top step on the podium which had eluded him for so long.

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Wengler breaks Kweekel's win streak and takes win at home race.

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