Formula SimRacing - Organized by the International SimRacing Club
2017 Season
Round 1 | March 5 Australia
Round 2 | March 19 Bahrain
Round 3 | April 2 Spain
Round 4 | April 9 Turkey
Round 5 | April 23 Canada
Round 6 | May 7 Austria
Round 7 | May 21 Great Britain
Round 8 | June 4 Germany
Round 9 | June 18 France
Round 10 | August 20 Belgium
Round 11 | September 10 Hungary
Round 12 | September 24 Italy
Round 13 | October 8 Singapore
Round 14 | October 15 Japan
Round 15 | November 5 United States
Round 16 | November 19 Brazil

With a new format, ACE Drivers will now have to watch their tyres more than last season.  Strategy should come into play this year.


Instead of 60 and 30% races, Ace moves to 80% race distance which tests the driver's concentration even more and create an interesting strategy environment. Some say that Ace is where "hot-lappers" learn to become grand prix drivers. You need to be fast but you also need to manage a race of 47 laps.

Daniel Kiss will stay on to fight for top honours in Ace. Also the reigning Pro champion Rens Klop will now step up to Ace. He will be joined by Mikko Suokas and Alessio Campus. It's defined in the rules that the top three drivers in the two lower championships are required to move up. This wise rule prevents a WDC driver using for example Ace or Pro as a warm-up and destroying the opportunity for new drivers to compete. Michi Hoyer is rumoured to be on great form. If you have the pace to win in Ace you have the pace for World Championship. Who will it be in 2015?

Tune in on Saturday at 17:00GMT (earlier for qualifying and warm-up) to the live stream.