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2017 Season
Round 1 | March 5 Australia
Round 2 | March 19 Bahrain
Round 3 | April 2 Spain
Round 4 | April 9 Turkey
Round 5 | April 23 Canada
Round 6 | May 7 Austria
Round 7 | May 21 Great Britain
Round 8 | June 4 Germany
Round 9 | June 18 France
Round 10 | August 20 Belgium
Round 11 | September 10 Hungary
Round 12 | September 24 Italy
Round 13 | October 8 Singapore
Round 14 | October 15 Japan
Round 15 | November 5 United States
Round 16 | November 19 Brazil

11 in 11 - Ghostspeed Engineering Season Preview

Today's 11 in 11 marks the halfway point for these articles, as we preview our 6th team, and how they're shaping up for the 2016 Formula SimRacing season, Ghostspeed Engineering.

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11 in 11 - Netrex Grand Prix Season preview

In todays 11 in 11 article we take a look at Netrex Grand Prix, one of the oldest and most established teams in the field, and how they are shaping up heading into the 2016 Formula SimRacing season.


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In todays 11 in 11 we take a look at Formula SimRacing newcomers for 2016 Scuderia Basilea. A lot is unknown about this new team, they have kept themselves very quiet over the winter months, but hopefully todays article will give you a better insight to them. David Jundt has kindly provided me with some information on them for todays article.

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11 in 11 - VBMadcape Season Preview

In today’s article we take a look at VBMadcape, and take an inside look at how they’re shaping up heading into the new season

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11 in 11 - Eventa-Pescars SHS Season Preview

In today’s article we take a look at Eventa-Pescara SHS. This will be one of 2 entries at World Championship level for Eventa SimRacing, and in this incarnation of Eventa, they have decided to revive an old name in FSR.

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11 in 11 - Musto Racing Season Preview

In today’s article we take a look at Musto Racing, a new name to Formula SimRacing, but don’t be fooled, for those of you who have watched other racing leagues such as SRZ (SimRacingZone) for example, you will know that these guys are no strangers to the world of SimRacing.

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Kuba took his 4th win of the 2016 Winter Series to seal the championship ahead of Jernej Simoncic.

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With the 5th round of the 2016 Formula-SimRacing Winter Series upon us, just 1 big question remains, which driver will win it all?

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